Here is where you can download the newest versions of the software. In order to maintain compatibility with browser and .NET Framework updates, we recommend customers keep their support current and stay on current builds of the software.

The newest build will always be listed right down to the "point" release of that particular build. If you have v2.1.1 of a particular version of software and we have a v2.1.2, the new build probably fixes a very specific issue rather than adding features.

Directory Update
Directory Update v3.0 - New release*  Download
Directory Update v2.7  Download
Directory Update v2.6  Download
Directory Update v2.5  Download
Auto Launch Script - Check Active Directory to see if the user needs to update their information  Download
Directory Manager
Directory Manager v3.0 - New release*  Download
Directory Manager v2.3  Download
Directory Manager v2.2  Download
Directory Search
Directory Search v3.1 - New release  Download
Directory Search v3.0  Download
Directory Search v2.0  Download
Directory Search v1.8  Download
Directory Password
Directory Password v3.0 - New release* (Requires Directory Update v3.0)  Download
Directory Password v2.0 -(Requires Directory Update v2.7)  Download
Directory Password v1.2  Download
Directory Password v1.1  Download

*Pre-release software versions are software that has completed beta testing and we are now making available to early adopters or to new customers. Pre-release versions are fully supported. Pre-release software moves to current version once we have completed the documentation.


Documentation is frequently our Achilles' heel. The simple matter is that sometimes developers can write new features, release new builds, and fix bugs faster than we can write the documentation for those updates. We strive to answer the most common questions and write instructions to avoid the most common issues on our Web site and in our documentation. Unfortunately, we don't always get everything covered as much as specific customers may need it.

Please do NOT hesitate to contact us at if you don't find the answer you are looking for in our documentation.

Quick Start Guides

A Quick Start Guide is intended to get you installed quickly and provide basic advice on customization. More detailed tips and information on features available on our TechNotes page.

Latest Guides
   Directory Update 3.0 - Quick Start
   Directory Manager v2.3 - Quick Start
   Directory Search v3.0 - Quick Start
   Directory Password v1.2 / v2.0 - Quick Start

Older Guides
   Directory Update 2.5 / v2.7 - Quick Start
   Directory Update 2.3 and earlier - Quick Start
   Directory Manager v2.1 and earlier - Quick Start
   Directory Password v1.1 and earlier - Quick Start
   Directory Search v2.0 - Quick Start

Detailed and Specialized Documentation

We have created this documentation for more detailed information about our product as well as customization work that you may need to do.

   Directory Update - Resource Domain Module
   All New Versions - Manual Installation Steps
   Directory Manager and Directory Search - Applying Search Filters
   Directory Manager and Directory Update - Address Sets
   Directory Manager and Directory Update - Subsets
   Directory Manager - Segmented Installation
   Directory Update - Documentation - Older version but still relevant for customization - See Quick Start guide for updated prerequisites
   Directory Manager - Documentation - Older version but still relevant for customization - See Quick Start guide for updated prerequisites

Release Notes

Release Notes will help you understand the differences between various versions and how to update to the newest version.

Release notes are now found on each product's home page under the "Versions" tab.

Licensing and Customization

We are occasionally asked for the text of our license agreement or customization policies.

   Ithicos Solutions License Agreement
   Ithicos Solutions Custom Development Policies

Third party and free software

There are a few tools out on the Internet that should be in every System and Active Directory Administrator's arsenal.

Notepad++ - Excellent (and free) editor for all types of files

ADModify - Powerful, bulk Active Directory editor

PDF Creator - Free PDF writer

Quest Powershell extensions for Active Directory - Manage Active Directory users and groups

Quest Quick Connect Express - Free Active Directory GALSync